Punishment after impulse

Ramsey posted on June 10, 2017 at 09:36

Everybody has their inner impulsion, if they can’t control their impulsion well, they may do the wrong thing seriously. Recently, it has been reported that a male college student kill his schoolmate and his grandma out of their argument. What a terrible incident, the student will be punished by the law. People need to handle their impulsion.

Impulsion is like a demon, it will result in terrible thing. Not long before, a man killed a woman in the fast food shop, the reason is that the woman was not willing to give her cell phone number to the man, then the man became very angry and couldn’t control himself, he killed the woman. When he calmed down, he found himself made a big mistake, but he just couldn’t make up his mistake.

Impulsion makes people lose their mind, people will do whatever they want, they ignore the law at that moment. When they calm down, they will regret about the hurt that they have made. So people need to control their temper, never let themselves do the unforgivable mistake.

Du Mingli did not know that she had been using Hu Yumei, but she always treated each other honestly. In the past half of the gimmicks, today's two-tenth shares, these things are like a fire in the winter, illuminating the darkness of his heart.

Zhou Ying started to go out early in the morning, but heard that Zhou Laosi and Zhang Ma talked about the experience of Wu’s grandfather’s business. At that time, the local market was seized, and Wu Laotai went directly to other places to sell goods. This inadvertently heard the words of Zhou Yingxin, she also decided to go to the same as the old man, a turn to come.

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