The big size model

Ramsey posted on June 09, 2017 at 06:34

When we talk about model, we will have the skinny body shape and beautiful face image in our mind. It is the rule for model to keep as thin as possible. But the hottest model recently is a girl who has the beatutiful face while with fat body. The girl is leading the new fashion, telling people that the real you is sexy.

This famous girl is 19 and she is from New York, her name is Barbie Ferreira. If we only look at the face from the picture, there is doubt that this girl is so charming, but if we look at her body shape, we will be very shocked, for her body size is much bigger than the ordinary model's. When this girl show on the magazine, people are so inspired, they believe that natural beauty is what they chase for.

When Barbie was very small, she was fat and though she tried to lose weight, she worried about becoming fat again. Barbie realized that she was a natural fat girl, she wanted to let the body be its way. Barbie’s story inspires so many young girls to live the way they want.

Seeing that Hu Yongmei did not retreat, Du Mingli even carried out the kindness of Baylor, and hoped she could close the door for a while. However, Hu Yumei took out the 20% stake in Gu Yue Yang Bu Zhuang, in order to thank Du Mingli for his help. Looking at the contract, he was speechless and knew how he could not convince the woman this time. Even he couldn’t even convince himself.

Cha Kun saw Du Mingli returning without success, once again reminding him not to forget his task. For the first time, Du Mingli gave birth to a thought of rebelling against Baylor and took out a stake of Cha Kun. Because the two of them do not have any rewards, and the silver of the stock can be really in the palm of your hand.

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