Dealing with interpersonal relationships

Ramsey posted on June 06, 2017 at 15:30

For college students, the stage of going to college is like the turning point of their lives. If they study well and have clear aim about their future, then they can get successful much more easier. But the interpersonal relationship can’t be ignore, it is also the very important lesson for students to learn.

When students come to college, learning the knowledge is not their only purpose, they also need to learn how to get along with others. We are not the only person in the world, it is necessary for us to make connection with others. It is very important skill to make a living.

In the college, interpersonal relationship can be tracked in the small issues, such as how to get along with your roommates. Most students never stay away from their parents, so they don’t know the rules to live with so many persons. It is important to be tolerant and nice to others, we need to consider things from the common interest. If we can handle this well, then we have the good social skill.

So having the social skill is the indispensable lesson for us.

Wang Shijun did not hesitate, he started to move his hand. As a result, the directors of the two houses had more bullying and less, and he could not fight back. When Zhou Ying saw it, he simply joined the stick and joined the "battle." Once upon a time, the fists on the rivers and lakes were not deserted, and she took the opportunity to relax her nervousness.

The two masters and the four masters all ran to persuade, but no one had a good idea to let the native cloth not lose money. Although Zhou Ying is angry, she can still think of selling the soil cloth in her head.

Du Mingli came to Hu Yumei according to the agreement, hoping she could exalt her hand. Hu Yongmei asked, if there is any relationship between uplifting and losing money. Du Mingli truthfully told me that she only had a fixed case of silver.

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